Core Services

Skincare (Custom scrubs)

With our Diva Indulgence® skin care scrubs, sensitivities are amiss. Our line offers moisture balance, collagen increase, and blemish control with guaranteed results of supple glowing and youthfully healthy skin. As our clients and users say, "Results are baby's butt soft!"
In addition, we have personal "skin treat me" sessions. Between our garden events and personally hosted scrub parties, it's a perfect girl or guy packaged experience of bliss. And yes, we use all organically grown ingredients in our products, addressing multiple skin types and disorders, chemical free! You can also, take our
Pick Care & Create (under Skincare Class & Training) garden class. Custom treasure your skin! #TheScrubDiva

Herb Assess & Consult (Tea & Health)
We offer you a personal and custom TEAsessments™ specifically tailored for you. Herbal consultation can be as in depth as your questions during the appointment. Topics from poor digestion to foot fungus are explored. We also offer a 20 minute one-on-one grocery shopping assistance once you're done!

Personal / Health Assess & Consult (Health analysis / Nutrition & Diet)
Get a personal and health assessment overview of your body's systems! Improve your physical fitness, diet and overall bill of health. One-on-one counseling sessions can take you to next levels of optimal health. Use our
Divine Appointments® scheduler to either contact us direct, or schedule appointments and followup consults.

Organic Herbal Teas

(Standard & Custom blends) 

Taste the soothing effects of our organic FizzzzTeaBlends™ that offer health and healing with every sip. Each tea bag is distinctly made to target specific health needs,bring balance, and remedy, and has a unique combination packed with powerful and fragrant herbs, and floral essence in every blend.


Blends can also be customized on a per client request, to alleviate issues targeting specific health concerns from soothing the nerves to inflammation, and focus. All tea blends are created with love and conceived in a garden of prayer and praise. **Custom herb tea pricing may vary, based on season, customization, and herb preparation. #TheSunteaDiva

From a simple seed, you can get blooms, fruit, vegetables and herbs. Let us help you to plan your future dream garden and healthy sanctuary, to become your organic oasis. Book an appointment for yard assessment and/or garden to yard expansion services.


We offer a myriad of services that span from consults to online seminars, Masterclass training, workshops and courses. Our 30 minute FREE consultation for creative and desired results from custom planter bed construction to oasis planning provide starter gardeners with a clear vision oasis created that targets custom health and lifestyle growing and eating habits.


Consultation includes: Garden surveying & layout (space optimization), soil testing, etc. (Matthew 17:20)


**Consultation fees will be applied to any periods after 30 minute FREE consultation. All calculated fees will be applied to final cost of any contracted services

**Consultation fees are non-refundable deposits for any assessment services provided, and are applied towards payment of any booked services. [ All three (3) required sessions are included as booked services ]

**Consultation fee rates vary outside of 40 mile radius of business

**Deposits and fees are non refundable