All natural, love-crafted, and homemade products that are organically grown from fruits, vegetable extracts, spices, and essential oils for skincare. That means vegan friendly in quality, no chemicals, no toxins, no sensitivities, and no side affects.

Our scrubs are pure and organic from the earth in every way, with quality essential oils, not "essentially scented." They descale dead skin, enhance collagen, and lift and tighten, leaving your true skin beautiful  everywhere. It caresses and results in supple soft skin, freshly kissed with emollients that protect the face, hands, feet, and body all day.

BomBucha!™ Sunteas, FizzzzTeaBlends™ & Tea kits

Organic garden plants grown for the sole purpose of healing. With herbs, flowers, fruits, and spices, our all natural, love-crafted, and homemade teas that target health issues for whole body healing.


So enjoy sereniTEA ad take a sip of bliss. Take time for tea. #TheSunteaDiva #BoochBabe

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