Our brand story

Tamara Wells, (CNHP)

As an ambitious, tenacious and creative mentor to others, I have always been viewed as that person who gave great advice, with exemplary motivational skills, excellent marketing savvy, strong leadership skills and a fire for new and innovative ideas. So yes, I will be giving a Ted Talk to a LIVE audience in my future. As the Scrub-a-Dub DIVA!®, I offer services that exceed all manner of teaching and training. I consult in workshops and classes, individual and group consulting, as well as conferencing globally and virtually. As Wells Of Wellness® CEO/Owner, we will be accomplishing more in the future with all these things.

Wells Of Wellness®
CEO/Owner & Founder

Although, I've always viewed myself as a "Jackie of trades, and a master of many", I have also come to embrace Who I Am. That being said, I've also always been known to entertain a many concepts for business juggling in my head at any given time. With random shares off the cuff or on demand. Ask a few of my close circle entrepreneur associates. Business creative is first hand gift.

All my life, I have marveled in natural healing and organic or "all natural" resources, whether it were in a recipe, tincture, lotion or skin care product-- now specializing in "Wellness HortiCulture". I have often dabbled in guinea pigging myself for results that have  always astonished me. Heck, I even sewed and created my own patterns at one point! So, it didn't seem to surprise anyone who knew me, when I told them of my recent founded passion for gardening. Then, I realized how it all just lined up. I mean, as a child, my Mom used to sit me in the front seat of the grocery cart just to see me light up like a Christmas tree as she and passerby watched my excitement as she pushed us passed the fruits and vegetables. So she tells me. All my life she gave us natural EVERYTHING!  I was not that kid in school with a bologna or PB & J sandwich for lunch. LOL!

As the middle child betwixt two siblings, with one year apart each, my Mom says she had to puree my food from the same source as hers because I REfused to each baby food. I had stopped eating all together for a week she tells me. And that is still my motivation.

It was a pretty hot California day, and I was in the yard, hair pinned up, geared for outdoor goals. I was a sticky, but focused mess. A familiar voice commented from the back door, “Hey there cute gardener. Whatcha doing?” Tickled by my husband's statement, I snickered and thought to myself. Hmmm... maybe, just maybe, he had a point. Nah... I debated with myself. Then he said, it was the perfect name for me whenever he saw me in my newfound bliss of escape. As I pondered the thought, keeping the focus on the true reason I felt so comfortable in new peaceful surroundings, Wells Of Wellness® Garden Oasis (WoWGO).

With soiled hands, I had an itch on my face that became a nuisance to scratch without dirt coming in constant contact with my face, nose and eyes. Out of frustration, I started grabbing all accessible skin related familiar leaves, flowers and fruit. Blended them with healing essential oils, and headed to the restroom to commence scrubbing my face with intensity. Moments after rinse, I looked into the mirror for what I expected to be pure satisfaction from the itch, and I was entirely astonished at my WOW glowing skin. Hence, Wells Of Wellness
® Herbs Health & Healing, Nature's Oasis Skincare & Maintenance was born.

I have always tried to surround myself with positive people and mostly things that have always benefited both body and mind. For example, Sage and Rosemary enhance and stimulate memory with the same results as Ginkgo biloba.


So, it's only likely that today, I now grow just about everything! From veggies to flowers, and fruit to non edibles, which I use for my poultices, creams, lotions and scrubs. Now with pruning, watering, planting and maintaining, I lose myself on a daily in my garden, creating and REcreating. scrubs, skin solutions, tinctures, teas, lotions, poultices and MORE, featured as products of Wells Of Wellness® Garden Oasis (WoWGO), as I seek the pleasures in earth digging and tilling, getting soiled hands for the sake of health.


I thank God for His gifts and the inspiration He has given me to share health, wellness, and organics with others. 

Wells Of Wellness® Herbs Health & Healing

Is organically grown, handcrafted, love-made, and essentially scented. Delectably fragrant natural scrubs for head to toe softness. ALL my products target skin health and self care and maintenance. GLOW naturally in health. Let your skin will sing-- WOW! Be your skins' first love, with Glow-fidence."

"Kiss your skin with garden bliss, and heal with nature's softness."