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Let us share insights of health, advice and maintenance on how to be healthy and happy
Sing with me!
If you're HEALTHY and you know it say amen! AMEN!
If you're HEALTHY and you know it say amen! AMEN!

If you're HEALTHY and you know it
Then your SKIN will surely show it
If you're HEALTHY and you know it say amen! AMEN!

No matter if your challenge has been bothersome skin, and you've had bad experiences or irreversible results with so called "organic and all natural" skincare or maintenance products on the market and in local stores, this product is for YOU! And it won't disappoint.

We also offer personal consults for customized scrubs specific to skin type and with  scent preferences. With skin and "Healthy You" workshops, LIVE forums, organic recipes, personal, herbal consults, and teas, your healing options are limitless! You can also express, learn and be advised on healthy food options, healing remedies, discussions, chats and LIVE garden videos in forums.

You can email questions, whether custom or personal. Be on the road to an even newer and healthier you. And shop to look great doing it!

**ALL products are made with authentic ingredients. "Seasonally" grown organic garden plants, fruits, vegetable extracts, and 100% "essential" oils. Ingredients and oils may vary with pricing for customization.

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Core Services
  • Skincare & maintenance (Custom scrubs)

  • Herb consult (Organic healing teas)

  • Personal & Health consult (System analysis / Nutrition & diet / Health Tea kits)

  • Organic gardening & Planter bed consult

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Other specialty services include: Personal / Health Assess & Consults, Body Analysis through Muscle Testing and Body Systems' Assessment [click "More Info"]

~ Wells Of Wellness® Herbs Health & Healing

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