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Glow Face® ~ Divine Hands® ~ Sweet Feet® ~ Tender Kisses
Natural, love-crafted products to descale dead skin, enhance collagen, leaving everywhere soft and freshly kissed with emollients that protect face, hands, feet & body after any work day. #TheScrubDiva
Skin Care
Organically grown, handcrafted, LOVE-made, and essential oil scented. Delectably fragrant natural scrubs for head to toe softness.  ALL products target self care and maintenance, so you GLOW in organic beauty and health!

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OMG!!! Looking at myself after Glow Face, I felt rejuvenated and like I had removed a longtime mask. WOW!!! And my skin was as soft as a baby's bottom. I almost did't recognize my own face. I became "alive," and I no longer see tired skin. My pores were breathing again! My skin is so much clearer now. And NO MORE BLACKHEADS!!! Oh what a dream. I would give this product TEN STARS, if it was an option.

I cannot wait until tomorrow to try my Divine Hands again!

~Ro Royale (Facebook)

AMAZING!!! The Glow Face scrub made me re-discover my skin. I've used a lot of scrubs in the past, both cheap and expensive. This product by far is the best scrub I have ever used. The lotion is incredible too!! Highly recommend everything WoW has to offer because I know they are totally natural, beneficial, and effective.

~Michelle Onourah (Facebook)

Amazing products with guaranteed satisfaction. Glow Face hydrated and replenished my skin while removing all excessive oils. I just love the refreshing feeling after using this product. My face feels super smooth and clean due to this naturally organic product by Wells Of Wellness. Will buy again!

~Unique Monet (Facebook)

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