FizzzzTeaBlends™ offer target herbal healing hot or cold mind, body and spirit.




Taste the refreshing flavors of bold cloves, hints of african basil leaf, with a cancer fighting antioxidant one two punch. All in a robust black tea blend. This blend specifically targets cell restoration of four major organs. (Liver, spleen, kidneys and appendix), focusing on rebuilding a healthier and stronger cellular structure. This powerhouse blend flushes all types of toxins! Even in some hidden areas of the blood.


**NOTE: It is CNHP advised that those who use this tea as a functional cleanse, may need to consider also doing a detox, or specific blood purifier cleanse (in a system or tea), to prevent "crisis", which is an overage of dumping into the bloodstream. You can schedule a FREE consult.


"Citrus Kiss"

Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, kumquat and citron, blended into a citrus explosion of cool mouth watering, and tingling zest of refreshing vigor. High notes of cinnamon increase circulation, while targeting inflammatory healing with our proprietary trio spice blend.


"Summer Breeze"

Makes you feel fine! A minty freshness taken to elevated heights to cool any thirst quench, with a spicy kick of ginger to warm the blood. This specialty blend is one of my absolute FAVs with a sweet story.


A close family friend's twelve year old son who favors mint tea, walked through our garden for the first time, and immediately inhaled its fresh fragrance in the air. So, I prepped him a cup that evening. As a result of becoming a tea guest, his blissful experience became a memorable one. After one sip he expressed feeling a gentle summer breeze. Hence the name. Thank for your tea expertise Joe!


Offering focus, concentration when you need it, with a soothing summertime embrace, it's the perfect "writer's block" blend and cool calm to any morning, afternoon or evening sip. With its added wild herbs and spices contributing to increased circulation of blood flow to the brain, for clarity and clear focus, it leaves you in a state of being more than alert.


"Lover's Bliss"

With brilliant color, combination flavors of sweet marjoram and citrus pop, this blend is an escape of love with that special someone. Lover's bliss is owned with multiple lavenders and the freshness of an English garden. Its miracle manner of ease in each sip is savoured with a robust strength and its all but subtle floral notes leave your throat coated of royal warmth and sweetness.


"Body Brilliance"

Sip into shape with lean power. A trio suntea blend with an added blend of spices in combination with a proprietary quartet spice blend that boosts you to locomotive energy. Burn fat and boost cellular building to engage and increase the body's metabolism levels!


"Ready, Set GO!"

Get ready to get released in the smoothest way. This blend will leave your colon and tummy feeling absolutely tame. With its enzymes, probiotics and gas busting power, it helps the body to release waste with ease like never before. This booch blend and kombucha combo has ingredients and spices offerig synergy to aid in food breakdown. The flowers and herbaceous digestive blends make results for proper elimination without the discomfort of gas, pain or excessive fluid loss that may cause dehydration and constipation. Sip lightly, kombucha is an active ingredient.


"Regularity has never been so smooth."


"LA blend (Lady's Angel)"

SHE is divine in nature very essence, in flavor, scent, strength and relief. Yes, SHE offers awesome healing power. And tastes great! It has all that a woman can desire in every sip, with healing age reversal effects.


This hibiscus blend targets specific female parts, and strengthens the reproductive system with it's natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs are known for its exfoliant benefits, controlling oily skin and opening clogged pores, all of which can encourage fresher, younger, and smoother looking skin. I call this blend my "Aha moment."


They also increase moisture and firm your skin's visual appeal. Favoring a rich red wine blend, it's bursting flavors of sweet fruity notes, sexy spices, flowers, and herbs pack an almighty punch to propel female healing.

I call this blend my "Aha moment".


"Passion For Christ"

Once this blend hits your tastebuds, all the love and passion of Christ is upon you. From its fruity notes and sweet peaks of fig, peach, and passionfruit to the tart pucker of apple from His Eden. Then to Pharoah's Palace with rich honey, myrrh and grapes. Ending this blends biblical journey cleansing your palate with ACV and sea salt, back to experience the peace of the cross, and God's overall love for Us.


"Remind Me"

Jog the memory, recall thoughts, and stimulate daily reminders. This blend has awesome immediate effects and results. Take the time not worrying about remembering for yourself and others. No longer struggle with frontal lobe memory because it feeds the hypothalamus gland, pituitary gland, and stimulates thyroid balance, which benefits results of healthier weight loss, muscle tone, and other system functions.


Its rich spicy tart blend has a multitude of proprietary blends of herbs and spices that trigger, stimulate and feed potential areas of the brain, energy while balancing its processing of fats. This results in strengthening neurotransmitters. Remember to...!



HER style and finesse from pour to sip is exponentially beneficial. HER color favors richness as fine wine with nutrient health benefits. This blend is bursting with flavors of sweet fruity notes, spiraling in seductive spices, flower essences and herbs that pack an almighty punch propelling female healing. Giving every woman HER experience of release after any harsh day. Every woman's desire.


Woman suntea blend offers natural sources of vitamins A & C, lycopene for supple, clear, hydrated skin on cellular levels, for fresher, smoother, more youthful looking skin.


"Champange Trio" (3 different blends)

Three special and custom champagne blends aged to time's perfection, and infused to levels where sugars carbonate faster. These blends are our "Champagne Trio", and you get to choose from them. A bubbly experience on a WHOLE-listic new level! **Flavors and blends are based on seasonal ingredients, and hightened with our proprietary spices blend.



"Liver Well"


"Delight In Him"

"Pear Power"


"Son Sun"



"Champagne Trio" Blend


**NOTE: This product is organic and lovemade. Statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If pregnant ot planning pregnancy, we advise to consult your physician or medical counsel before consumption for your and fetal safety.


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"Sip your health into peace and healing." #steepstirsipsavour TM

Organic FizzzzTeaBlends™ Sunteas (8 |16 | 32 ozs)

  • Customers are promised quality organic teas without manipulation. Organically grown, LOVE-made fresh picked from WoWGO garden with timely delivery.

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