"Suga Suga & Honey Honey"
I think the name speaks for itself. Both of these blends are naturally sweetened with organic-grown stevia, honey, and agave with natural fruit sugars and seeds. Then it's amped up with a proprietary blend that targets to lower and adjust sugar levels for diabetics. It's naturally sweet and nectar-rich in quality.


"Champange Trio" (3 blends)

Three special and custom champagne blends aged to perfection, and infused to levels where sugars carbonate. They're our "Champagne Trio", and you get to choose. your bubbly experience on a WHOLE-listic new level! **Flavors and blends are seasonal ingredients, and hightened with our proprietary spices.


**NOTE: This product is organic and lovemade for balanced gut health. Statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If pregnant ot planning pregnancy, we advise to consult your physician or medical counsel before consumption for your and fetal safety.


**All BomBucha!™ and suntea blends are proprietary with distinct aromatic herb blends, flowers, and spices perfectly slow-steeped in the California sun from our organic garden of plants, fruit, edible flowers, and sun-dried spices! All are uniquely combined into specialty recipes to target health specifics. Offering peace, enjoyment, and made for plain ol' year-round sippin'!


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"Sip your health into peace and healing." #steepstirsipsavour™

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  • Customers are promised quality organic teas without manipulation. Organically grown, LOVE-made, and fresh picked from WoWGO garden with timely delivery.

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