Take time out for the self care YOU deserve. Kits for the busy woman who loves but neglects her selfcare.


If you love the idea of bubbles, whether in a bath or with a little sip of bubbly, our combination kits are customized for the abundance of WOMAN.


Her schedule is often inundated.
Her time is often controlled by others. (Family, errands, home management, etc.)

And her stress levels are higher than her blood pressure.


STOP!!! Wait! Your Ahhhhhh moment awaits you. Now YOU get to control how much time and selfcare SHE gets.


Kooch & Booch® | Bliss & Booch® are the TWO kits. They include one favorite organic booch or suntea blend and tea bags, bath bombs, indulgent scrubs, organic loofah or sponge for two kinds of sips and a soak.


Kooch & Booch® | Bliss & Booch® Kits are set apart by either BomBucha!™ or special lady's tea blend product. And both have sultry bathing specialties for relaxation and a refreshing experience. Our "Kooch" kits target lady moisture and skin balance, whereas our "Bliss" kits target serenity and relaxation from tea sip experience.


With our bath bombs, bathing is bliss. Feminine cultured fragrances of frankincense and myrrh take you back to BC scents and simple pleasures. Lavender, wild flowers and other essential oil essences that put you in Spring and through English gardens, with Wild African honey, sea moss and aloe for softness. Each bomb offers hormonal balance and moisture rolled in raw oats or nettles for a creamy relaxing finish to alleviate skin sensitivities, soothing any skin type.


Each kit is accompanied with (3) "Woman" blend tea bags, and Diva Indulgence® scrub. Other kits may offer homemade shea butter and organic homemade black soap. Immerse, soak and soften yourself in organic heavenly bliss! (**Specify selection choices per kit)


God bless you pick just one! (Giggles)

1. Drop 1 bath bomb into warm tub of water.

2. Submerge and soak until skin is soft, or for desired time. (**For best results, soak for 20-25 minutes)

3. Heavenly bathing!


Kooch & Booch® or Bliss & Booch®
"Virtuous Woman™"

SHE prepares, considers. teaches. blesses. honours. And praises. This blend speaks to HER core statuesque nature. No matter what, SHE stands in Him. It's combination of herbs, spices and EOs are markers of strength. Rolled in rose for sound constitution and a calm strong floral fragrance of lilly, carmelia, jasmine and hibiscus. You won't know which seasonal surprise strength fragrance you'll get.


As she basks in His glory, His strength REnews HER in time lapse manner. Soak slowly and immense in luxury.


"Maiden's Cherry Moisture"

In ancient times, women prepped in many ritualistic ways. With our blends, milk serums for moisture lock & seal with cherry extract and essential oil bath bombs, luxury explodes when SHE submerges.


We as women are emotional, mental and physical healing RElaxation is necessary to prepare HER bliss experience.

{Due to the fresh organic contents of this product, refrigeration may be required. If pregnant, confer with your physician prior to use.}

"Chocolate, Candles & Chastity"

If the world can't give it, then the world can't take it away. It's HER choice! Ans this ultimate blen focuses on just that. Tighten, tone, and REfresh HER inner parts and core back to sweetness and ripe for harvest (marriage). The fragrance innocense in this blend REvives HER in field of flowers. With whispering scents of dandelion and clean oasis waters surronding HER in colorful blooms with mossy rock at waterfalls' edge. Evoking the girl.

{Due to the fresh organic contents of this product, refrigeration may be required.}

"Whispers Of Wisdom"

Inhaling sometimes means to breath IN. Our blend acronyms WOW for that reason. The compote creamy bath bomb embalms various woody fragrance combinations that stir her mind to RElease, embracing peace to REceive constitution healing.


"Honour, Strength & Gird"

Take a breath, for this blend is potent and aromatic, with scents of patchoulli, lemon, rose and majoram tapping into HER core to REplenish physical, mental and emotional.


"God Fearing Woman"

Soaks in His glory, as your most vulnerable physical parts are nourished in strength. It offers vaginal healing combinations that REduce swelling, dryness and itching, course hair and circulation to HER glory parts to suit HER for marriage.


"Berry Blessed"

Inhale fragrant sweetness of wild berry combinations with tart notes and a spicy kick to warm HER insides for multi-healing. This red rich blend aids in cleansing and REmoving toxins from the bloodstream, to mental health stability in RElieving anxiety. A berries benefit is they work well with collagen to REduce tissue inflammation, REsulting in skin and REpair.

{Due to the fresh organic contents of this product, refrigeration may be required.}


**Drinking berry teas strengthen HER core, REproductive and heart. The healing affects of teas absorb faster into the bloodstream, and travel the female cavity best in steeped warm water. Our blend takes it levels higher with nutrient rich antioxidants that bind, offering inflammation and irritation REduction which contribute to more balanced Ph, increasing alkaline levels for absorption.


"Roses, Regal & Rubies" (NEW)

Excited for this newbie! SHE's rich in everything! With all ingredients in and of the red shade, it has most enriching powerful antioxidants, salts, spices, herbs and EOs that embody all the vitamins and nutrients SHE needs for a nourished healing.


All kits include: (Some mixed items)

(1) organic loofah/sponge

(3) organic bath bombs

(1) 1.5 oz organic Black Soap

(1) 1.5 oz organic Shea butter

(3) organic tea bags (Choose one blend)

(1) 8.5 oz booch OR suntea blend (Choose one blend)


**NOTE: This product is organic and lovemade. Statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If pregnant or planning pregnancy, we advise to consult your physician or medical counsel before consumption or use of any product for you and fetal health safety.


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"Sip your health into peace and healing." #steepstirsipsavour™

Kooch & Booch® | Bliss & Booch®

SHE Kitty Kits™ - Kooch & Booch™ | Bliss & Booch™
  • Customers are promised quality organic teas without manipulation. Organically grown, LOVE-made fresh picked from WoWGO garden with timely delivery.

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