Look and feel like what you eat.

Be healthy with a smile.

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Summertime workshop on skin care and maintenance. How to treat your skin year around, from dry season to oily season. Featuring an indulgent organic head to toe scrub line. And YES, it's for men too!

**Scrub line is not deemed gluten-free or vegan made. However, all product ingredients are sourced from an organic growing garden by the curator.

Love your skin and nourish your glow! Tickets available on Eventbrite.

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It's finally coming! By popular client demand. A summertime event that will make you pucker, pop and sing savory notes.


Join us again! Our Bomb Booch-fest is coming in June! Details and tickets will be on Evenbrite as early as May 7th for reservations.


You don't want to miss this event again. Tickets are limited and in demand!

Get purchase and promo codes throughout LIVE event via Wifi txts! Also, win drawings and prizes for TWO for ONE booches and Buy 32oz get 20% OFF 16oz! And get automatically entered to win the SUPER drawing for ONE of our custom made specialty "Champagne Trio Collection" blend.

ALL winners will be featured in our IG story 3 day Shout Out, "Wellness Wednesday," and a recognition post!

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SHARE in the global healing experience of baby butt soft glowing skin movement!
Where you get to say, "I can't stop touching myself!"

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