If I had to describe myself in three words, it would be: Loving, Connected & Empowering!

Serving and healing have always been my heart. I immerse myself in my passion to help in health and healing others. Collaborating and partnering with other green & organic brands and organizations As well as joining platforms and supporting Wloggers (Wellness Bloggers), especially those with an aligned mission that is consistent with my brand, healing goals and life change in the world.


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Wells Of Wellness®
CEO/Owner & Founder

Let me bring some healing knowledge to your city! Let's open herbal health and healing discussions on the following topics: Skin DIS-orders & herbal blends, Body Systems Health, green thumb growing, Intelligent healing and other topics that may suit your needs. Book Me as your next keynote speaker today!
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Wells Of Wellness® Herbs Health & Healing

Is organically grown, handcrafted, love-made, and essentially scented. Delectably fragrant natural scrubs for head to toe softness. ALL my products target skin health and self care and maintenance. GLOW naturally in health. Let your skin will sing-- WOW! Be your skins' first love, with Glow-fidence."

"Kiss your skin with garden bliss, and heal with nature's softness."